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The SnapSetter® Main Tools

Our SnapSetter® is the #1 secret to our snap attaching success. It's lightweight, high-impact, plastic design is engineered to withstand the blunt force of a hammer, yet protects the delicate Snap Top during attachment. Simply position the snap components and fabric in-between the layers of The SnapSetter® and hammer into place.

For more information about our tools, click here.

For "how-to" videos, click here.

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<p>Our SnapSetter® is the #1 secret<br />
to our snap attaching success. The<br />
patented design protects snaps from<br />
damage while setting.</p> <p>These helpful adapter bases work<br />
with our main SnapSetter® tools<br />
to offer versatility in snap attaching.</p>
A solid circle of color to give the look of a button when attached to cloth.

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Size 16 = 7/16” (10.7mm)
Thesesnaps are perfect for medium-weight fabrics.
• This snap line has the longest prongs

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