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The SnapSetter® Tool Adapter Bases

These helpful adapter bases work with our main SnapSetter® tools to offer versatility in snap attaching. For more information on how to use the Tool Adapter Bases, click here.

NEW! The Size 14 Pearl Tool Adapter Base works with the Size 14 SnapSetter® Tool to attach and protect the delicate Size 14 pearl snap top.

NEW! The Size 16 "Ring Only" Adapter Base works with the Size 16 SnapSetter® Tool to attach just the Size 16 ring without moving or shifting. This helpful base was created by customer request.

Did you know? The snap sizes 16, 18, 20 and 24 use all the same
Size 16 Socket, Stud and Back Ring parts? Therefore, to set one of
these larger Snap Tops, all you need is the Size 16 SnapSetter®
plus the corresponding Tool Adapter Base. You'll always go back to
the original Size 16 SnapSetter® to attach the stud and ring portion
of the snap set.



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<p>Our SnapSetter® is the #1 secret<br />
to our snap attaching success. The<br />
patented design protects snaps from<br />
damage while setting.</p> <p>These helpful adapter bases work<br />
with our main SnapSetter® tools<br />
to offer versatility in snap attaching.</p>
A solid circle of color to give the look of a button when attached to cloth.

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Size 16 = 7/16” (10.7mm)
Thesesnaps are perfect for medium-weight fabrics.
• This snap line has the longest prongs

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