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Pearl Snaps

This snap top features a domed, synthetic half-pearl rimmed with a silver ring. The pearl is opalescent with a variety of hues per color which makes it an attractive closure for any project. This snap is most commonly found on men's, women's and children's shirts for western, rodeo and horse riding/dancing clothing. They are available in sizes 16 and 18. Click on the snap image below to reveal more information about each snap size. For more information about our snaps, click here.

These Color Collections are perfect for projects requiring a small number of snaps. Or, for a variety of projects where a single snap is needed.

Confused about which snap parts go together? Click here for help.

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<p>An open circle of color that allows<br />
fabric to show through the center<br />
when attached to a project.<br />
Available in sizes 14, 15 and 16.</p> <p>A solid spherical surface snap top that<br />
resembles a button when attached to a<br />
project. Available in sizes 14, 15, and 16.</p> <p>A domed, synthetic half-pearl rimmed<br />
with a silver ring. The pearl is opalescent<br />
with a variety of hues per color. <br />
Available in sizes 16 and 18.</p>
A solid circle of color to give the look of a button when attached to cloth.
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Size 16 = 7/16” (10.7mm)
Thesesnaps are perfect for medium-weight fabrics.
• This snap line has the longest prongs
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Note: On-screen and printer snap colors may vary from the actual product. Snap Color Samplers are available for exact color matching requirements.