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Troy, MI 48099

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American Made

Snap Fasteners Made in the USA

Do you want to purchase 100% pure USA made snaps? 27 years ago when we started The Snap Source, all our snaps were 100% American Made. As time went on, USA snap factories closed and outsourcing off-shore took over to keep the costs low for clothing production. This decision was not ours, but the existing USA snap manufacturers. Currently, our snap fasteners are a mix of USA and global sourced products -- the best of the best. Sadly, there certain sizes and styles of snaps no longer made in the USA, but rather China, Taiwan, Turkey, Indonesia, etc.

Reshoring this precious commedity will take time and ingenuity. And, it will come with a hefty cost.

If you would like for us to manufacturer 100% pure USA made snap fasteners, please take this survey -- it will only take a few minutes of your time. We would like to know what it means to you to have 100% American Made products that support American family's income.

Thank you for your time.