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How To :: Snap Parts

Snap Parts

December 30, 2016

How the snap parts go together:

Cap/Ring/Pearl Snap Top (A)

This snap part is placed in to the appropriate sized SnapSetter® Tool Main or Adapter Base with the prongs facing up. It is the decorative visible part on a project.

Socket (B)

This snap part is attached to the Ring, cap or Pearl Snap Top (A) with the raised side of the Socket toward the prongs/fabric. Because this part looks similar on both sides, be sure the side with the slits on the inner ring resembling a flower faces up in the SnapSetter® Middle Positioning Bar.

Stud (C)

This snap part attaches to the Back Ring with the logo imprint facing up. The Stud “snaps” into the Socket when the attachment is complete.

Back Ring (D)

This snap part is attached to the Stud (C) and completes the closure. It is placed into the appropriate size SnapSetter® Main Base with the prongs facing up.