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What's our secret to a secure snap attachment?

It's the SnapSetter®!

Designed by Jeanine Twigg, a sewing educator and founder of The Snap Source®, the patented SnapSetter® Snap Attaching Tool offers an easy, affordable way to set snaps on projects.

The SnapSetter® has a sturdy, lightweight high-impact plastic design, which protects the Snap Top and "snaps" fasteners into place with the aid of a household hammer. Simple, step-by-step instructions are included with every purchase.

The SnapSetter® has three parts, the top (with label), the middle positioning bar and the main base. Three sizes are available; Size 14 (Color: Teal), Size 15 (Color: Magenta) and Size 16 (Color: Purple).

Three SnapSetter® Tools are available to set the Ring and Cap in each size:

Match the SnapSetter® Snap Attaching Tool size to the corresponding snap size below. All the SnapSource® Tools and snap packages are color-coded to easily identify which products to use together.





SnapSetter® Tool Adapter Bases

Our Size 16 SnapSetter® offers the most versatile snap attaching possibilities. The snap sizes 16, 18, 20 and 24 use all the same Size 16 Socket, Stud and Back Ring parts. Therefore, to set a larger Snap Top, all you need is the appropropriately sized SnapSetter® plus a Tool Adapter Base. Use the SnapSetter® Top and Middle Positioning Bar with the corresponding Tool Adapter Base to set the socket to the larger Snap Top. Then, return the two tool pieces to the original base to set the back ring to the stud.

How do the SnapSetter® Tool Adapter Bases Work?

Simply interchange the SnapSetter® Top and Middle Positioning Bar with the Main Tool Base (to set the stud to the back ring) with the appropriately sized SnapSetter® Tool Adapter Base (to set socket to the Cap or Pearl).

Note: Be sure the appropriate sized 14, 16 and 18 Pearl or 20 and 24 Cap fits snugly into the indented area on the coordinating sized Tool Adapter Base. If the snap does not fit, the wrong size Tool Main or Adapter Base in being used.


How to
SnapSetter® Instructions


Step 11Disassemble the three Tool pieces on the post while lifting the middle and top sections.

Step 22Place the Tool Base on a firm surface. With prongs facing up, place the Snap Top (A) in the indented area of the Tool Base.

Step 33Place the fabric over the prong points.

Step 44Slide the Middle Positioning Bar over the post on the Main Base.

Step 55With the right side facing up, place the Socket (B) into the Middle Positioning Bar (raised side down toward the fabric).

Step 66Slide the Tool Top over the post onto the Middle Positioning Bar.

Step 77Hammer the snap parts into place on a firm surface, such as marble or steel.

Step 88Repeat steps 1-7 to attach the Back Ring (D) to the Stud (C).