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What's the secret to our snapping success? It's our long-prong snaps!

The Snap Source, Inc. offers the nation's largest selection of American-made, fashion-colored snap fasteners. All of our quality snaps feature long prongs which provide a better "grip" onto fabric, allowing fasteners to remain securely in place, wash after wash! You'll be amazed at how fun and easy it is to use these commercial-quality, no-sew fasteners.

Our standard prong snaps come packaged in sets of four parts --

one fashion-colored top (open, capped or pearl) and three underparts (socket, stud and non-colored open prong) in small and large quantities. All packages include special "hints and tips" for successful snapping every time!

Ordering is a snap!

To determine the proper snap size needed, refer to the snap sizes listed below. Each size comes in an assortment of colors. When ordering, refer to the item number next to the color in your chosen size. Larger quantities are available upon request.

Snap Setters Snap Sizes
Snap Sizes

Size 14 snaps have a light closing tension.
• Perfect for light weight fabrics such as single-knits, batiste, cottons.

Size 15
snaps are the perfect in-between size.
• Good for light and medium weight fabrics from cottons to knits.

Sizes 16 and up are designed for light or heavyweight fabrics.
• Perfect for polar fleece, denim or corduroy.
• Tighter closing tension to keep garments securely fastened.
• All use the same Size 16 underparts and have the same length prongs.

Snap Descriptions
Snap0 Descriptions

Prong - A style of snap designed to grip the fabric as the snap is set into the cloth.
Open Prong Ring - An open circle of color enabling the fabric to show through the snap when placed on cloth.
Capped Prong Ring - A solid circle of color to give the look of a button when placed on cloth.
Pearl - A domed, synthetic half-pearl rimmed with a ring used mostly in Western Wear.
Decorative - A snap with an embossed designer cap.

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