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The Snap Source® SnapSetter®
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How to Use Tools

What’s our secret to secure snap attachment? It’s the SnapSetter®!

How does the SnapSetter® work? Simply position the snap components and fabric in between the layers of the SnapSetter® and hammer into place.

Watch how to use the SnapSetter® with Nancy Zieman from Nancy's Notions

Snapsetter Parts

Disassemble the tool
Disassemble the three tool pieces by pushing on the post while lifting the middle and top sections.
Place the snap top in the indent
With prongs facing up, place the snap top in the indented area in the tool base.
Place fabric over prongs
Place your fabric over the prong points.
Slide middle bar over post
Slide the middle positioning bar over the post on the base.
Place snap socket in the hole
With right sides up, place the snap socket in the hole in the middle positioning bar.
Slide top over post
Slide the top over the post onto the middle positioning bar.
Hammer into place
Hammer the snap parts into place.
Repeat for other components
Repeat steps 1-7 to attach the remaining snap components.

Download the How to use the SnapSetter® PDF!

The SnapSetter® Tool Adapter
It’s a snap to use:
Simply interchange the SnapSetter® Tool Adapter with our Size 16 SnapSetter® Tool Base and you’ve created a whole new “tool” with endless decorative fastener potential.

Interchange the adapter large, decorative, or pearlized Use the SnapSetter® Tool Adapter to set the larger, decorative or “pearlized” snap top to the socket.
silver open prong Use the original Size 16 SnapSetter® Tool Base to set the stud to the silver open prong ring.

Note: Be sure the appropriately sized, larger snap fits snugly within the indented area on the adapter base.

Download the How to use the SnapSetter® adapter PDF!

Hints and Tips:

Middle out back positionNeed to get into the tight areas surrounding multiple stitched layers on cuffs, diaper openings or jacket fronts? Try using this SnapSetter® tip:

Using any SnapSetter® tool or Tool Adapter, begin setting the snap according to the directions on the package. Hammer only once to set the snap loosely on the fabric. Remove the Tool Top and Middle Positioning Bar from the base of the tool. Reposition the Middle Positioning Bar over the post outward away from the tool base (out the back of the tool). Then, add the Tool Top. Now, the only two SnapSetter® pieces touching the snap should be the Tool Top and Main Base or Tool Adapter. Hammer the tool twice more to set the snap tightly next to the fabric. Moving the Middle Positioning Bar out of the way allows the bulky layers of the fabric not to interfere with the snapping process.

removing snapsRemoving snaps:
If you need to remove a snap, gently twist a screwdriver back and forth to loosen the prongs all around the socket or stud. Repeat these steps to remove the component from the opposite side of the garment.

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