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How to Use Tack Buttons

Strong and durable!

When it comes to durability, these Tack Buttons can't be beat! The decorative button and special "ribbed" tack provide a secure grip that’s sure to stay attached, wash after wash! You’ll find these buttons fun and easy to attach to any woven fabric - all you need is a household hammer!
How to Tack Button
Suggested uses:
• Repairs
• Jeans
• Jackets
• Shirts
• Overalls
• Vests
... And More!

Step 1: Identify desired position of button placement. Puncture a small hole in the fabric with an awl or fabric punch. Working from wrong side of fabric, push point of tack through fabric.

Step 2:
Place tack button, face down, on a hard, protected surface. Insert tack point in hole on back of button. Tap lightly with hammer to position the button.

Step 3:
Hit tack firmly with hammer, securing the fabric firmly between the button and tack..

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