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The Snap Source® SnapSetter®
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How to Use Snaps

Capped or Open Prong RingCapped/Open Prong Ring
This fashion colored snap component is placed into the SnapSetter® Tool Base with the prongs facing up. This part of the snap is the decorative fashion piece that is visible on the right side of the fabric.

This snap component attaches to the fashion colored capped or open prong snap top with the raised side of the socket toward the prongs/fabric.

Because this piece looks similar on both sides, be sure the side with the 8 slits on the inner ring faces up in The SnapSetter'" Middle Positioning Bar.

This snap component attaches to the silver open prong ring with the dimpled protrusion facing up. The stud "snaps" into the socket when the application is complete.

Open Prong Ring
This is the part of the snap that is secured to the fabric closest to the body (the backside of the fabric). It is placed into the base of the SnapSetter® with the prongs facing up and is secured to the fabric with the stud.

Download the How to PDF!

For best results:
To ensure a quality, precision fit, we reccommend using our custom-designed SnapSetter® snap attaching tool.

* Which way does the socket go? Place socket, with the deep groove on the raised side over prong points. Be sure the side with the 8 slits on the inner ring faces up.

Hints and Tips:

Snaps are properly set when the:
• components grip tightly into fabric and do not pull apart
• thumbnail cannot be forced between the snap and the fabric
• prongs are crimped in socket or stud

Interfacing: We recommend using an interfacing to help reinforce and protect the fabric surround ing the fasteners. For best results, use a sew-in material such as a woven/ non-fusible interfacing, twill tape or similar fabric.

Practice test: Always attach a practice snap set onto a sample of the fabric before sewing your garment. Try opening and closing the sample to check for stability or stress given to the fabric. Adjust interfacing accordingly.

For best results: Avoid mixing snap parts with another manufacturer's snaps - they may not always work together. To ensure a quality, precision fit, we recommend using our custom-designed SnapSetter® snap attaching tool.

Reversible snaps: Simply discard the open prong ring and attach a fashion-colored snap top to the stud as well as an identical snap top to the socket.

Project idea: Replace the buttons on a shirt with snaps to add a little pizzaz. They're a fun alternative to buttons and a "snap" to attach!


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