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Helpful Hints

Q: How can you tell the right from the wrong side of the socket?

A: Simply take a socket and put it between your thumb and first finger. Rub the socket between your finger and thumb. One side of the socket is slightly raised and the other side is slightly indented. The raised side of the socket is meant to be placed next to the prongs. When the snap is attached, the prongs will hit the raised side of the socket and slide into the groove of the socket to stay secure.

snap sockets

Q: What's the best way to make sure your snaps will line up on your project?

A: There are several ways to mark your fabric before attaching snaps onto your project. Check out page 30 of the book It's a Snap! or this hint:

Attach the fashion colored snap and socket to your project. Close the project as if the other side of the snap had been attached. Gently lift up on the fashion colored snap to expose the socket. Rub chalk onto the socket and place the socket down onto the underlap of the project. The chalk will rub off onto the underlap to determine where to set the stud/ring portion of the snap set.

marking your fabric

Q: Can I use snap parts from other manufacturer's snaps?

A: No. All manufacturers make their snap part uniquely. Even though the size of the snaps are the same, each manufacturer designs their brand of snaps differently than their competition. For best results, use snaps from one manufacturer at a time.

Don't mix snap parts!

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