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Did You Know?

reversible snap closure
. . . that all prong-style snaps are reversible? Simply attach a fashion-colored snap top to the stud as well as an identical snap top to the socket. All the Snap Source® packages of snaps are reversible -- which will provide you with extra snap parts.
traditional snap closure

. . . that you can tighten or loosen a socket tension to eliminate "gaposis" when a snap doesn't stay closed? This problem is most frequently found on ready-made children's clothing or adult robes. Simply use a needle-nose plier to tighten the tension teeth by pushing them in slightly and push the teeth gently outward to loosen the teeth. It's just that simple -- just remember a little movement goes a long way. Don't overdo it!!
loosening and tightening snaps

. . . it's super simple to remove snap parts from clothing if you put the snap parts on wrong?

snap removalsnap removal1. Use a small headed screw driver to get in between the socket/stud and the fabric. Carefully whittle the pieces apart; move around the socket/stud until the snap disengages from the prongs. Gently remove the fabric from the prongs and discard the damaged snap parts.

2. Make a snap remover -- the instruction on how to make this super simple snap remover is on Page 145 in the book It's a Snap!.

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